Emergency relief provided to isolated Goshala


A goshala named Gangadham goshala in Krishnagunj village of Sirohi District was devastated by the floods and the cows and other animals badly affected and without food and shelter. They were moved to a nearby area to live under the trees and feed on vegetation. 

Alert and Pune Jain Sangh provided an immediate relief of Rs 50000 in form of fodder and feed to the cows and other animals. Further some donors were encouraged to independently donate for rebuilding the destroyed shades and shelters. 

The plight of the goshala was conveyed to Samasta Mahajan, an established organization of Gujarat who has taken up large-scale relief for goshalas in Gujarat with expenditure running into several crores. Samasta Mahajan has promised to consider help in rebuilding the Goshala. 


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