Arguments concluded over closure of the Fireworks Factory in Solapur. 


Suraj Fireworks, a factory in Solapur who has been guilty of killing hundreds of wild animals through his batch testing of fireworks had approached the District Collector of Solapur for a license under the Explosives Act. 

As per the Directions of the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal, Manoj Oswal was directed to make his representation before the District Magistrate. 

Adv Harshad Garud representing the complainant argued that the said factory was completely illegal and running without nessecary environmental clearance. It was located in the middle of a forest and causing tremendous loss of wildlife. The factory tests each lot of the firecrackers that cause animals to run helkter shelter meeting accidents and getting electrocuted. He further argued that as per the images obtained from ISRO, the factory was also close to the school and residences. 

Mr Manoj Oswal appearing in person argued that for him to start the factory he needs to have consent to establish and a consent to operate. In absence of both, he can not approach this office for a license. He also argued that the applicant tried to mislead the court by bringing forward a RTI reply from  Maharashtra Pollution Control Board irrelevant to the issue. He showed how it is not nessecary to obtain permission for storage and sale of firecrackers. He is a manufacturer of the firecrackers and all environmental laws apply to him. 

After conclusion of the arguments, Hon’ble District Magistrate reserved his judgment. 


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